LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) is working with ad companies to target its audience

Posted Jun 30, 2014

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) has recently launched a pilot program for marketers to target ads across the web using the social network’s data. The results of the test program are currently mixed, according to advertisers and digital buyers. Companies that are testing LinkedIn’s new ad product are Xaxis and Dstillery.

LinkedIn is letting brands target users on other websites and is opening up its own ad inventory through programmatic channels. Advertisers can target specific audiences on LinkedIn through a private exchange.

GroupM recently spoke out against buying ads on open exchanges in favor of private and premium exchanges. LinkedIn’s exploration in programmatic advertising is currently in small and early stages.

The good news for LinkedIn is that some advertisers said that they are pleased with the professional social network’s ad offerings, despite criticism from other companies.

[Source: WSJ]