LinkedIn Hits Revenues Of $303.6 Million

Posted Feb 8, 2013

LinkedIn has reported their Q4 earnings and they are great!  The company’s EPS was at $0.35 and Wall Street was expected $0.19.  The company’s revenues for the quarter was $303.6 million and they beat expectations of $278 million.  The company’s growth was 81% on a year-over-year basis.

The company’s stock price is up 18.7% as of today.  LinkedIn reported revenue guidance for the first quarter of the year to around $305-$310 million.  Analysts were expecting $301.16 million.

– Talent Solutions (corporate recruiting) is at $161 million for revenues, which is a 90% increase from one year ago.

– Premium Subscriptions (sold to salespeople and job seekers) hit $59.4 million in revenues, which is 79% increase from one year ago.

– Marketing Solutions (advertising and job listings) hit $83.2 million (68% increase from one year ago).

This past December, the company surpassed 200 million members and ended the year with almost 202 million.  The company is adding around 2 members per second.