LinkedIn Launches University Pages To Help Students Prepare For College

Posted Aug 19, 2013

LinkedIn has launched a new service called University Pages.  These pages are not designed just for high school students, but for people that finds content about universities useful.  People in the U.S. age 14 and up can sign up starting September 13th.  These users can create a profile and interact with the University pages.

“We believe University Pages will be especially valuable for students making their first, big decision about where to attend college. Therefore, beginning on September 12, we will be making LinkedIn available to high school students who can use LinkedIn to explore schools worldwide, greatly expand their understanding of the careers available, and get a head start on building a network of family and friends to help guide them at every milestone,” stated LinkedIn?s Christina Allen.

The University Pages will let students get into a network at a school that they are considering.  The students can ask current students and alumni questions.  They can also see what the career path that graduates have at that university.

The University Pages also highlights notable alumni from each school.  So far, two hundred universities have set up LinkedIn pages.