LinkedIn Clarifies How They Use Calendar Data On Mobile Devices

Posted Jun 6, 2012

In the midst of dealing with a potential hack attack, LinkedIn is also responding to privacy concerns regarding the calendar feature built in their iPhone and Android app. According to researchers at Skycure Security, LinkedIn’s iOS app collects information from their built-in calendar feature when a user chooses to view it within the app. Some of the data that is collected include meeting notes, dial-in details, appointment times, and attendee names.

“In order to provide our calendar service to those who choose to use it, we need to send information about your calendar events to our servers so we can match people with LinkedIn profiles. That information is sent securely over SSL and we never share or store your calendar information,” stated LinkedIn spokesperson Joff Redfern. “In an effort to make that algorithm for matching people with profiles increasingly smarter we pull the complete calendar event, including email addresses of people you are meeting with, meeting subject, location and meeting notes.”

LinkedIn said that they do not store any calendar information on their servers, share or use calendar data for any other purpose but matching it with relevant profiles, or access calendar data unless you have opted in to sync your calendar.