LinkedIn User Interface Designer Bryan Haggerty Proposes To Girlfriend Using iPhone App Romantech

Posted Feb 12, 2009

Bryan Haggerty and Jeannie Choe call themselves “romantechs” because they love their gadgets.  Bryan Haggerty decided it was time to pop the question but he couldn’t decide on a way to do it.  Then it hit him.  He designed an iPhone application called Romantech which took his girlfriend through a scavenger hunt. “I thought about all the typical kinds of ways, and they all kind of just weren’t working for me,” stated Haggerty. “I said, ‘That’s not really how i would do it.’ So I came up with the idea.”

The map on the app contained several location points and a video showed up every time Jeannie reached that location.  The final point in the scavenger hunt was at Dolores Park.  The locations of each clue formed the shape of a heart symbol.  At the top of a hill at Dolores Park, Haggerty proposed.  “I kind of had a feeling,” stated Choe. “When I first saw the app I knew what was going to happen.”  When the two started dating about two and a half years ago, Haggerty gave Choe a necklace containing a <3 symbol.

Haggerty, 27, learned a lot of his coding skills from his job at LinkedIn.  Haggerty works there as a user interface designer.  Choe is currently an industrial designer.

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