Liquid Image Underwater Goggles Has Built-In Camera

Posted Apr 8, 2009

If you are into making your own National Geographic videos and photos underwater, the Liquid Image Underwater Camera Mask was made for you. This way you can capture exactly what you see when scuba diving, snorkeling, or snuba diving.

Some of the specs include a shutter, LCD Screen with LED indicator, camera lens, USB and microSD ports, tempered glass for the eyes, a silicon skirt for your nose, and a battery compartment for 2 AAA batteries.

The image resolution for the images are 5 megapixel. Internal memory is 16MB NAND Flash Memory. The video mode is 18-25FPS @ VGA.

The range for the mask is about 5 meters. To get your hands on it, go to Liquid Image’s sales page.

[via GearDiary]