Lisa Best Wants Divorce After Catching Husband Being Gay On Second Life

Posted Feb 11, 2009

Lisa Best woke up one night to see her husband playing around on Second Life with another man, being gay in a virtual dungeon.  Second Life is web-based software where you can choose to represent an avatar in a virtual world.  Scott Adams, cartoonist behind Dilbert used Second Life to promote his new book by having other avatars beat his avatar up .  John Best, Lisa’s husband is a van driver and was sitting besides her at 4AM when he was having the online gay affair.

?I saw John?s little person having it off with another man in a dungeon on the screen,? said 28 year old Lisa. ?I just froze with my head on the pillow, silently watching what he was doing. I felt sick to my stomach.”  Lisa could not just sit around and ignore what her husband was doing next to her.

?After a few minutes, I could bear it no longer and sat up in bed demanding to know what the hell he was doing. He quickly folded the damn machine shut.  I went off the dial but John just brushed it away. He said it wasn?t real life so what was I doing my nut about?  I couldn?t sleep a wink the rest of the night wondering whether this meant he was betraying me or not?that he?d rather have gay sex on Second Life than have sex with me,? added Lisa.

I don’t blame Lisa for doing this, but she decided to log in to her husband’s laptop the next day while he was at work.  But she totally regretted doing so.  Her husband had been taking pictures and postcards of his avatar and e-mailing it to his gay online avatar buddy.

?There were shots of his character having gay sex and wandering round a nudist beach with a whip in his hand blindfolded.  There was another of him on a sun lounger with a woman and a man. It was sick. He called himself Troy Hammerthall and hung around at a place called the Bondage Ranch. I can?t believe it. He?s not Troy Hammerthall?he?s John Best, from Derby.?

John was told to leave the house when he got back from work.  After four years of marriage, Lisa decided to divorce John even though he claims he was just messing around.  ?I was just messing about on there. I?m the world?s least gay man. There?s not a gay bone in my body,? John pleaded with his wife.  “?I just found it funny. I only went on for a laugh. I can?t believe it?s ended up destroying my marriage.”

What’s the moral of the story here, kids?  It doesn’t matter if you are on Second Life or playing The Sims, don’t get too addicted to avatar love-making.