Liskula Cohen Wants To Sue An Anonymous Blogger And Google Owns The Free Blog Software

Posted Jan 7, 2009

Now more than ever, employers and professionals are Googling the names of the people that they often associate with.  I’ve heard cases where managers of companies would Google and even check Facebook profile pictures of those that they are about to hire.  Somehow that will affect their decision about the person’s credibility too.

This is what makes the case of Liskula Cohen very interesting.  There is a blog called Skanks in NYC that demeans pictures of people and uses their full names.  All of the pictures on Skanks in NYC of Liskula Cohen are personal pictures.  Cohen will has recently appeared on the cover of Vogue.

Since Skanks in NYC is hosted on (the domain owned by Google’s Blogger subsidiary) with an anonymous name, it makes sueing that individual or group people even harder.  This means Cohen would have to go directly to the owner of the website, Google Inc.

“Essentially, Cohen has to demonstrate defamation twice: once to show that she has a sufficient case that the identity of the blogger should be unmasked. At that point, the case could proceed against the actual author of the blog, at which point the defamation would have to be demonstrated all over again,” wrote John Timmer of Ars Technica regarding the case. “None of this will be easy, as US courts generally set a high standard for defamation of public figures, and Cohen has made a name for herself in ways that go beyond modeling by getting hit in the face with a vodka bottle at a Manhattan club.”

This truly will be an interesting case.  It is very similar to the city of Memphis pushing to find out who the owner of MPD Enforcer 2.0 is.

[via Ars]