List Of 30+ Online Freelance Tools and Websites

Posted Nov 23, 2010

The economy is not what it used to be. Within the last couple of years, we needed to bail out automotive companies and financial companies. A lot of people lost their jobs and there has been a loss of respect for corporate America. Some of the people that were laid off have now become self-employed freelancers. The purpose of this blog post is to provide resources to those who are now freelancers.

Freelance Technical Jobs

– You can find a good number of freelancing opportunities on What I would do is select the region and then search for the word “freelance” in the search engine.

– has hundreds of jobs available and it is a really clean looking website.

– is a website where you can work freelance jobs. You can accept jobs, but you have to get approval first. If you are approved as the freelancer, then you proceed with a 50% escrow payment. You can do programming, designer, writing, translating, marketing, and research jobs.

Freelance Auction
– Freelance Auction lets you list jobs and bid for jobs. It looks like a few jobs are posted per month.
– – is a service where you can outsource or accept freelancing jobs. There are about 1.8 million employers and freelancers on the globe. The average job on here is under $200.
– has a good number of jobs available for freelancers. As of right now, there are about 40,000+ website jobs, 47,000+ programming jobs, 10,000+ networking jobs, 32,000+ graphics jobs, etc.

– lets you post projects, find providers, and find portfolios. There are hundreds of jobs listed across a bunch of different categories.

Go Freelance
– is a website where project managers can post jobs and freelancers can look for jobs. started in 1998 by freelance professionals. This website does not seem as organized as, but there is a decent number of job options on here.
– LimeExchange has over $7 million worth of jobs. There are also over 80,000 freelancers and over 18,000 skills certified on the website. You can post jobs and search for jobs on the service.
– has over 840,000 tested and rated freelancers and firms. oDesk is free to join and jobs can be posted. You can manage a team remotely as if they were local using video conferencing. And if you are a project manager, then you can pay freelancers by the hour.
– lets programmers bid on technical jobs and it lets project managers list work. About 200 new projects are posted per day.
– has a list of part-time, full-time, and freelance jobs. The job categories include Design, Development, Marketing, Management, Tech, and Other. You can also subscribe to jobs through an RSS feed.

– is a freelance search engine where you can find local jobs and pick jobs by category.
Freelance Photo Services
– 123RF has over 8 million royalty free stock photos for purchase. You can buy small size images for $0.68, a medium size image for $1.36, and a large size image for $2.04.

Big Stock Photo
– Big Stock Photo has over 5.5 million royalty-free stock photos. Big Stock Photos credit packages start at $15 for 5 credits ($3 per credit). If you buy 700 credits, then it would cost $630 ($0.90 per credit).
– has about 9.5 million images in their database. You can download high quality royalty-free images for as low as $0.20 per image.

– Fotolia has over 11 million images, vectors, and HD videos.

– ImageKind is an art site that has over 750,000 high quality fine art images for sale. Over 50,000 artists are selling photos on ImageKind. You can search for images by subject, genre, color, recently listed, and popularity.

– is a website that has millions of royalty-free stock images. You can buy each credit for as low as $0.95. Extra large images cost 15 credits.

PhotoStock Plus
– PhotoStock Plus has over 10,000 images for sale. The website has a free trial. You can buy 300MB worth of images for $24.95 per month, 2GB worth of images for $34.95 per month, 10GB worth of images for $49.95 per month, 300MB for $99 per year, 2GB for $199.95 per year, or 10GB for $499 per year.

– has over 13 million royalty-free stock photos. You can browse photos by category. YOu can download up to 750 high-resolution downloads per month for $249 for 1 month or $709 for 3 months. You can also buy 5 high-res images for $49 or 25 high-res images for $229.

– SmugMug is a service where you can share photos via e-mail and embed them on blogs. You can also share photos on Twitter and Facebook. You can also buy and sell photos from SmugMug.
– is my favorite stock photo website because it is free. SXC has over 390,000 photos online.
Freelance Writers

FreelaneSwitch – Freelane Switch is a service where you can post freelance jobs and find a freelancer-for-hire. – is a website that has a list of online writing jobs.  This website has been around since 1997.

Helium – has information and articles for freelance journalists. – is a job search engine where you can post jobs and search resumes.  There is also media news and commentary about writing on on the website.

Online Writing Jobs
– lets you search thousands of held wanted freelance writing jobs.
– is a blog that posts when certain publications is looking for writers.
– has a list of freelancing jobs and you can also post jobs for free.

Recycled Paper Greetings
– Recycled Paper Greeting cards accepts works from freelance artists.  Every year about 3,000 new cards are added to their product lines.
– is an Aol-owned website where contractors can take on writing assignments for money.
– has been online for about 13 years and is a private company based in Vancouver. has about 300,000 articles written by 10,000 paid contract writers.