List of 80 Flickr Tools and Games Used For Pictures Management, Sharing, Etc.

Posted Jul 20, 2010

One of Yahoo!’s most powerful brands is Flickr.  Flickr is a social network tailored towards photographers and photography enthusiasts.  There is a whole Flickr ecosystem built around the APIs too.  There’s so many of them that it is hard to keep count.  Don’t fret, I have compiled  a list of 80 tools and games for Flickr pictures management, downloading, uploading, sharing, etc.  Check out the list below.  You will not be disappointed.

1. Ajax Photo Blogging in Flickr – Ajax Photo blogging allows you to post a story about photos to your blog and add descriptions/comments to it. It is powered by the Greasemonkey plugin.

2. Background Switcher – Background Switcher lets you automatically change your Windows desktop background from a set of Flickr photos or from other sources.

3. Better Flickr – Better Flickr is a Greasemonkey script plugin that allows you to add a menu of extra features to Flickr including more user links, photo magnifiers, photo page enhancers, rich edits, and thumbnails enhancer.

4. Big Huge Labs – Big Huge Labs has several games you can play that is centered around Flickr photos.

5. Bubblr – Bubblr adds a comic book style speech balloon to Flickr photos.

6. Color Fields Colr Pickr – Color Fields Colr Pickr allows you to choose from a color palette and it pulls up Flickr photos that have the same color tone.

7. Cooliris – Cooliris is a browser plug-in that allows you to view and share photos and videos. Cooliris scans through hundreds of photos and videos across Facebook, Google Images, YouTube, Flickr, Bing, and Picasa. You can zoom in and out and view photos in a slideshow mode. You can also favorite and share images.

8. Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome – Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome is a desktop photo organizer for Linux that allows you to work and tag photos online and offline.

9. Falbum – Falbum is a WordPress plugin that lets you display Flickr photos and photosets on your website.

10. Fastr – Fastr is a Flickr games that shows you random photos and asks you to guess the tags.

11. FD Flickr Uploader – FD Flickr Uploader is a Flickr upload widget that has background uploading, multiple photo drag and drop, titles/tagging/descriptions/and privacy settings for each photo.

12. Fireflix – Fireflix is a sidebar extension that helps you manage, upload, and search for photos on

13. Flickengr – Flickengr is a plug-in for Yahoo! Messenger that displays a slideshow of the 25 most recent photos of your contacts. If you have a Flickr account, then the slideshow also includes any of your Flickr contacts.

14. Flickr 5 Stars Ratings – Flickr is a Greasemonkey script that adds a 5 star rating system next to your photos.

15. Flickr – Multi Group Sender – The Flickr Multi Group Send overrides the Flickr “Send to Group” button above the photo/video and allows you send your Flickr image or video to multiple groups simultaneously.

16. Flickr AllSizes+ – Flickr AllSizes+ allows you to access all of the sizes for a Flickr photo. You can also copy the code and download the image using AllSizes+. It is a Greasemonkey Script.

17. Flickr and Webimager – Flickr and Webimage is a screen capture image upload tool using the Flickr API. It lets you capture the entire screen, or just a portion, and automatically upload it to your account.

18. Flickr Auto Page – Flickr Auto Page is a Greasemonkey script that allows you to set up infinite scrolling for Flickr.

19. Flickr Auto Tag – Flickr Auto Tag is a Greasemonkey script that lets you save and reuse the tags you use often.

20. Flickr BBCode Generator – Flickr BBCode Generator is a Greasemonkey script that shows a text box with the BBCode automatically generated when you go to the “All sizes” page for a given size.

21. Flickr Chia Pet – Flickr Chia Pet can grow Chia hair on any photo.

22. Flickr Color Selectr – Flickr Color Selectr uses a color picker to search only images that are licensed with Creative Commons.

23. Flickr Comment Importer – Flickr Comment Importer allows you to import comments from your Flickr account into a WordPress blog.

24. Flickr Contacts Organizer – Flickr Contacts Organizer lets you tag each contact and gives you more search options.

25. Flickr EXIF Decorator – Flickr EXIF Decorator lets you hover over a picture on Flickr to get a translucent overlay in the top left corner showing the meta data including the camera model, shutter speed, and aperture.

26. Flickr Exporter for Aperture – Flickr Exporter for Aperture lets you tag and upload photos. You can also store IDs and URLs for your photos on the Aperture program.

27. Flickr Exporter for iPhoto (Connected Flow) – Flickr Exporter for iPhone lets you edit photos, add tags, and resize before uploading.

28. Flickr Finder – Flickr Finder is a Mac OS X application that lets you browse Flickr photos without a browser.

29. Flickr Notifier – Flickr Notifier is an RSS reader for Windows that lets you track your friends’ photostreams.

30. Flickr GeoRadar – Flickr GeoRadar is a Greasemonkey script that displays nearby geotagged photos on a radar screen.

31. Flickr Group Display – Flickr Group Display is a Greasemonkey script that lets you manage photos you have in view and favorite groups. Group membership will be displayed next to pictures in your photostream.

32. Flickr Image Src Exposer – Flickr Image Src Exposer is a Greasemonkey script that adds an “IMG LINK” tag after the photo of the page so you can easily download the image.

33. Flickr Keyboard Navigation – Flickr Keyboard Navigation is a Greasemonkey script that adds keyboard shortcuts for paging through Flickr

34. Flickr Mail To – Flickr Mail To is a Greasemonkey script that adds a mailto button above Flickr photos. The Flickr Mail To script also puts a “send page” link on every page.

35. Flickr More Home – Flickr More Home is a Greasemonkey script that adds more content to the Flickr homepage. By default, Flickr shows seven images for you, fourteen images from your contacts, and several images from a group. This script adds it to 10, 20, and 20 respectively.

36. Flickr nearby Panoramio/Google Earth – Flickr nearby Panoramio/Google Earth adds a text link to Flickr page of geotagged photos that links to the same location in Panoramio and Google Earth with a Flickr feed.

37. Flickr Photo Album – Flickr Photo Album is a service that lets you add your Flickr photos to your blog posts as galleries. It is in the form of a WordPress plugin.

38. Flickr Photo Magnifier – Flickr Photo Magnifier is a Greasemonkey script that adds a magnifier (instant zoom) to see details of Flickr photos.

39. Flickr Photostream Graphr – Flickr Photostream Graphr is a Greasemonkey script that graphs the number of times your photosteam has been viewed.

40. Flickr Quick Comment – Flickr Quick Comment lets you save commonly used feedback and lets you choose which ones you want to use. Flickr Quick Comment is a Greasemonkey script.

41. Flickr Remove Spaceball – Flickr Remove Spaceball removes the empty image positioned over many images on Flickr. Flickr Remove Spaceball is a Greasemonkey Script.

42. Flickr Rich Edit – Flickr Rich Edit is a Greasemonkey Script that adds a rich edit interface (bold/italic/blockquote/link) input text area in Flickr where HTML can be used.

43. Flickr .Net Screensaver – Flickr .Net Screensaver is a screensaver that uses the .Net framework to get your photos from Flickr and display them as your screensaver.

44. Flickr Search For Creative Commons – Flickr Search for Creative Commons lets you find photos that are Creative Commons licensed, meaning that they are royalty free assuming credit is given to the photographer in some form. Flickr Search for Creative Commons is a Greasemonkey script.

45. Flickr Show Licenses – Flickr Show Licenses is a Greasemonkey script that overlays photos licenses on all pages. The (cc) licenses are left alone and the (c) symbol id played when appropriate.

46. Flickr Shades – Flickr Shades is a changes the color of all Flickr pages to white text on a black background.

47. Flickr Slideshow Generator – Allows you to generate the HTML you need to embed a Flickr slideshow in your website.

48. Flickr Tag Cloud Widget – The Flickr Tag Cloud widget is a widget for the WordPress blog platform that will show you what Flickr tags are often used on your profile.

49. Flickr Titles + Descriptions Batch Tools – Flickr + Description Batch Tools is a Greasemonkey script that adds tools to Flickr’s website for batch editing of titles and descriptions.

50. Flickr Upload – Flickr Upload is a Yahoo! Widget for Flickr that has a drag and drop interface for tagging uploading.

51. Flickr Widget – Flickr Widget is the official Flickr Yahoo! Widget. The Flickr Widget can display, upload, tag, and organize photos on Flickr. It has a drag and drop interface and you can sort photos by interestingness through the widget itself.

52. Flickr/Shutterfly Integrator – The Flickr Shutterfly integrator combines the best of both worlds. Through the Integrator, you can order Flickr photos from Shutterfly.

53. Flickr4Writer – Flickr4Write is a Windows Live Writer blogging plugin that can add Flickr photos to your blog posts.

54. FlickrCommentTools – FlickrCommentTools adds an HTML editor to comments where you can include photos.

55. FlickrFaves – FlickrFaves is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add your favorite Flickr photos on your blog.

56. FlickrFox – FlickrFox is a Firefox Sidebar tool that allows you to browse and search for photos.

57. FlickrLogoMakr – FlickrLogoMakr is a website where you can convert any word or sentence into a Flickr-logo style.

58. FlickrMailManager – Add more options to your Flickr mailbox. Features such as mark all as read, delete all, send notification emails.

59. FlickrNotFrisk – FlickrNotFrisk is a Yahoo! Widget that can search photos on Flickr using tags. The widget also lets you preview and save images by clicking on search results. You can also view slideshows when clicking on the plus mark.

60. FlickrPM – FlickrPM is a Greasemonkey script that adds Mail, Profile, Favorites, Scout, DNA, and Interestingness icons on a user’s photo archive next to usernames in forums and on individual photo pages. You can also send Flickr Mails without leaving the current page.

61. FlickRate – FlickRate is a Greasemonkey script that adds a rating panel under current photos in order to attempt at giving Flickr a better favorites system.

62. flickrSLiDR – flickrSLiDR is a tool that allows you to embed Flickr slideshows into your own website.

63. FlickrUploadr – FlickrUploadr is a tool for uploading your pictures in bulk to Flickr using the Linux operating system.

64. flickrgethighrez – Flickrgethighrez is a Firefox add-on tool that lets you directly get any Flickr photo in a higher resolution.

65. Flickr Mail To – Flickr Mail To adds a “mail-to” button above Flickr photos and a big “send page” link on every page, which lets you send that page’s link by Flickr Mail or regular e-mail

66. Fotofox – Fotofox is a Firefox extension that allows you to drag, drop, and arrange pictures. You can also add photo titles and create albums by selecting multiple photos at once. Then you can upload all the pictures into a selection of photo services. It works with Flickr, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Marela, Photobox, Smugmug, Tabblo, Zoomr, and 23hq.

67. Geotag Flickr with Multimap – Geotag Flickr with Multimap is a Greasemonkey script that allows you to add geotag links to photo pages.

68. Gickr – Gickr is a service that lets you create animated GIF images online and it has the ability to grab photos from your Flickr account.

69. Google Maps in Flickr – Google Maps in Flickr is a Greasemonkey script that adds a Google Map to check the geotagging of photos without leaving the website.

70.  jUploader – jUploader is a cross platform photo uploader tool that works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It supports Flickr and Zoomr. You can set all the properties on a photo before uploading it and batch editing is supported.

71. Magic Lantern – Magic Lantern is a Yahoo! Widget desktop background image changing tool.

72. Memry – Memry is a game where you type in a Flickr tag and it pulls in 8 Flickr images to test your memory.

73. Modflickr – Modflickr is a module for showing Flickr galleries with mootools slimbox on Joomla as an extension.

74. Mosaickr – Mosaickr is a tool that allows you to use your Flickr photos to create mosaics.

75. Nostalgia – Nostalgia is a service that uses Flickr and Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to search Flickr, create new photo sets, and sync your desktop with your account.

76. OakFlickr4PFF – OakFlickr4PFF is a Firefox extension that allows you to upload Flickr photos. This tool checks pictures in the publishing blog, uploads local ones to Flickr, and updates the link URL of Flickr.

77. PictureSync – PictureSync is an application for Mac OS X that allows you to upload multiple images to Flickr and other photo online services at the same time.

78. SimpleFlickr – SimpleFlickr is a WordPress plugin that lets you embed a simpleviewer into your WordPress site.

79. Spell with Flickr – Spell with Flickr allows you to spell any word you want and the website will grab pictures of the letters from Flickr.

80. Travelr – Travelr is a free photo gallery that you can put on your website to display Flickr photos geographically on a world map.