Posted Dec 21, 2011

Information seems to be traveling at the speed of light on the Internet. Collecting and organizing this data is a multi-billion dollar industry as demonstrated by companies like Google, AOL, Yahoo!,, and Microsoft. There are sorts of search engines including general Internet search, music and video search, real estate, medical, etc. Below is a list of over 130 search engines. If I have missed any, let me know and I will be sure to add them.

General Internet Search Engines

Alleba – Alleba is a search engine for the Philippines

– Kanoodle is a search engine that is run by Seevast, an Internet marketing services holding company. Kanoodle is a pay-per-click sponsored search engine where you have to pay for being included.

KartOO – KartOO is a metasearch engine that displays results based on their own KartOO Rank algorithm. – is an Icelandic search engine developed by the corporation ehf. This search engine was launched in June 1999.

Lycos – Lycos is a search engine that has been around for a long time. Lycos is essentially a portal that has a Mail, News, Weather, Entertainment, Games, Deals, Shopping, Pets, and Yellow Pages section. – launched in 1996 as the first metasearch engine.

MetaCrawler – MetaCrawler is a search engine created by InfoSpace that gathers results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo! – is a search engine that focuses on Hungarian results. – MSN is a Microsoft search engine that is also an entertainment portal. – is a popular search engine in South Korea that has a 70% market share in the country.

Rambler – Rambler is a Russian search engine that has e-mail services, news aggregation, – Rediff is an Indian search engine portal that has news, information, entertainment, and shopping.

SAPO – SAPO is a Portuguese search engine that is owned by the Portugal Telecom Group. – is a search engine and web portal that is run in Switzerland. In May 2004, the Swiss Post acquired

SearchMaze – SearchMaze is a search engine that was created in 2005. They are known for creating a toolbar that provides access to over 150 search engines. – Seznam is the most visited search engine portal visited in the Czech Republic. – Sogou is a Chinese search engine for searching text, images, music, and maps. They have an index of about 10 billion websites. – is a Chinese search engine owned by Tencent Holdings. Soso is a top 100 website and is the 8th most visited website in China.

Walla! – Walla! is an Israeli web portal that has news, search, e-mail, shopping etc.

WebCrawler – WebCrawler is a search engine that aggregates search results from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

WebFetch – WebFetch is an Infospace search engine that aggregates results from Bing, Yahoo!, and Google.

Wiredoo – WireDoo is a search engine that is pre-beta stage. It will be launched by MC Hammer, who said that it will have deep search abilities and related topics.

Yahoo! – Yahoo! is one of the most the oldest search engines on the Internet. They are also especially known for services like Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Stocks, Yahoo! Mail, etc.

Yahoo! Maktoob – Maktoob is an Arab Internet search engine that Yahoo! acquired in 2009.

Yandex – Yandex is the largest search engine in Russia with a 64% market share in that country. Yandex is the 5th largest search engine worldwide.

Yehey! – Yehey! is a Philippine web portal that was started in 1996 as the Fiesta Online Corporation.

Yippy – Yippy is a private search engine that is family-friendly.

Youdao – Youdao is a Chinese search engine controlled by NetEase.

Social Search Engines

Best of the Web – Best of the Web is a comprehensive directory of categorized and content-rich websites.

ChaCha – ChaCha is a saerch engine that specializes in Q&A powered by paid humans. ChaCha launched in September 2006.

DMOZ – DMOZ is an open directory project that is in partnership with AOL Search. It is the largest and most comprehensive human-edited directory on the web.

GoGuides – GoGuides is a spam-free human-powered search engine. Personally I think that this search engine is very limited and it is rather difficult to find information on topics that the general public needs.

JoeAnt – JoeAnt is a large directory portal that is run by volunteer guides. – is a “human search engine” Q&A website.

SearchTurtle – SearchTurtle is a website directory that has links to websites which have passed demanding submission guidelines.

SearchTeam – SearchTeam is a real-time collaborative search engine where you search the web together with friends, classmates, and colleagues.

Wink – Wink is a community-based social search engine that uses social networks to curate information about individuals.

YooFindIt – YooFindIt is a human-edited directory. The operational costs comes from sponsors.

Business Research Search Engines – is a search engine that lists thousands of businesses around the world. – Alibaba is one of the largest global trade websites for connecting buyers, sellers, and wholesalers across the globe.

BizEurope – BizEurope is a leading European import and export business directory. – Bpubs is a search engine that lets you search through business and trade publications. – is a search engine that lets you find, compare, and research vendors related to business planning, construction, retail, real estate, office equipment, shipping, etc.

eBay – eBay is one of the largest search engines for connecting buyers and seller

GlobalSpec – GlobalSpec is a search engine of engineering and industrial products that has over 180 million parts divided into 2.3 million product families.

The Hong Kong Business Directory – The Hong Kong Business Directory has information on thousands of manufacturing companies based in Hong Kong.

Hoovers – Hoovers has a search engine that has information on millions of companies across thousands of industries.

Jayde – Jayde is a premier search business-to-business search engine that helps you find company names, products, and other information.

Kelly Search – Kelly Search is a website that connects businesses to suppliers.

LexisNexis – LexisNexis is a company that provides computer-assisted legal research services. LexisNexis is a division of Reed Elsevier.

Made In China – Made In China is a website that helps connect buyers to Chinese suppliers.

MasterSeek – MasterSeek is a website that allows that connects importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers.

ThomasNet – ThomasNet is the only version of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers book. This search engine helps you find manufacturers across 67,000 categories.

World Trade Search – World Trade Search is a website that focus on trade between the west and the EMEA markets.

Zibb – Zibb is a global business search engine that includes content from across the Reed Business portfolio.

Book and Library Search Engines

AddAll – AddAll is a search engine for books that compares between 40 websites, 20,000 sellers, and millions of books. – is a search engine for finding used, new, and hard-to-find movies, books, and music.

Biblio – Biblio is a website that searches through thousands of independent booksellers worldwide. Altogether, Biblio searches through over 50 million used, rare, and out-of-print books.

BookFinder – BookFinder is an e-commerce search engine used for finding 150 million books that are for sale.

Chegg – Chegg is a website for renting, buying, or selling textbooks to help you save money.

Google Book Search – The Google Book Search engine has millions of e-books that are available for reading, previewing, and purchasing.

IPL2 – IPL2 is a library search engine used for subject references. It is hosted at the iSchool at Drexel University.

UsedBookSearch – UsedBookSearch is a search engine for finding used books, textbooks, and rare out-of-print books.

Music/Video Search Engines

AOL Video – AOL Video has music videos, original videos, auto videos, viral videos, how-to medias, TV clips, comedy videos, etc. The search engine is powered by AOL Search.

Apple Search – Apple recently integrated iTunes and the Apple App Store search on the Internet. I find this useful for finding music.

ArtistDirect – ArtistDirect has news, videos, and photos about artists.

Blinkx – Blinkx has over 35 million hours of video that can be searched.

FindSounds – FindSounds is a search engine that lets you search the web for sound effects.

HypeM – HypeM is one of my favorite music search engines because it shows which songs are trending on the blogosphere. I have heard a lot of good mash-up songs on this website if you are into that kind of thing also.

Pandora – Pandora is one of the best known music search engines and radio stations. You can create a custom playlist based on genre, artist, or song. – is a website for discovering and listening to music. After creating a free playlist, you can share it on social networks. – is similar to Pandora as it has a music search engine. You can pick a radio station based on genre to discover new music.

Vevo – Vevo is a music search engine that was put together by Sony Music, EMI, Universal Music Group, and YouTube. Vevo contains interviews with artists, music videos, and music news.

YouTube – YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world and it happens to be for videos.

Blog Search Engines

Blog Catalog – Blog Catalog is a social blog directory. You can submit your own blog to the website’s index.

BlogTopSites – BlogTopSites is a blog directory where you can search for topics and browse channels.

Google Blog Search – Google Blog Search is one of the most popular search engines to use for finding blog posts.

IceRocket – IceRocket is a blog search engine that tracks viral video and movie buzz. They also monitor top posts and top searches.

Plazoo – Plazoo is a blog search engine that focuses on finding results in Dutch and German.

Technorati – Technorati is a popular blog search engine that uses an “Authority” algorithm to rank the top blogs.

Job Search Engines

Bixee is one of the largest job portals in Asia with 1.5 million active jobs at any given point in time.

CareerBuilder – CareerBuilder is one of the largest online job websites in the U.S. that receives over 24 million unique visitors per month.

Craigslist – Craigslist is the largest classifieds website in the U.S. The jobs section contains a list of part-time and full-time jobs in different categories. – is a search engine that focuses on technology-related jobs such as programming. – is a search engine for new jobs in Canada.

Incruit – Incruit is one of the largest Korean job search engines. Incruit is available in 8 countries including the U.S., U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore. – is a job metasearch engine that looks through job boards, newspapers, and other job search engines. – is one of the largest Polish recruitment network search engines.

JobsDB – JobsDB is an Asia/Pacific job search engine.

JobServe – JobServe is a European job search engine that focuses on IT.

Jobster – Jobster is a metasearch engine for jobs. The jobs are categorized for browsing as well. – is a global online employment search engine that has a presence in about 55 countries globally. – Naukri is one of largest job search engines in India. – is a Hong Kong based job search engine that has millions of listings.

SimplyHired – SimplyHired is a job metasearch engine that has over 5 million listings from across the Internet.

StepStone – StepStone is an online recruitment website that is based in Scandanavia and focuses on the European market.

TheLadders – TheLadders has distinguished themselves from other job search engines by focusing on careers that offer a salary of $100,000 or more.

Medical Search Engines

EB-EYE – EB-EYE is an open-source search engine used for finding bioinformatics information.

Entrez – Entrez is a life sciences search engine used for finding biomedical literature.

Harvester Portal – The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology designed the Harvester Portal to crawl for information related to bioinformatics.

GoPubMed – GoPubMed is a search engine that uses the GeneOntology and the Medical Subject Headings to filters millions of biomedical abstracts from MEDLINE. – is an online health community and search engine. There is a news health guide and quiz games available on Healia as well.

Mayo Clinic – The Mayo Clinic website has one of the most comprehensive search engines for finding information about disease treatments.

SearchMedica – SearchMedica is a search engine for physicians and medical practitioners to discover relevant and authoritative medical information on the Internet.

WebMD – WebMD is one of the best known medical search engines that has a list of Health A-Z, drugs, dietary guides, pregnancy information, and teen health. I would say that WebMD is one of the most important medical search engines that exists today.

Real Estate Search Engines

ForSaleByOwner – is a search engine that helps you find real estate listings in your area that are for sale privately by the owner. – is a comprehensive search engine for homes that are for sale in the United Kingdom. – is a website where you can find properties that are for sale through foreclosures. – is a search engine that helps you find homes that are in the MLS system. There are 100 million properties in the database, 4.1 million homes on sale, and over 284,000 rentals listed.

Redfin – Redfin is a website that allows you to search for real estate based on the neighborhood, city, address, or MLS #. There are a good number filtering options available when searching through Redfin as well. – is a real estate search engine that specializes on homes in the U.K.

Trulia – Trulia is one of the largest real estate search engines based in the U.S. There are all sorts of real estate filtering options that you can use on Trulia.

Zillow – Zillow is real estate search engine company that has an algorithm for determining the value of houses, even if they are not for sale. The algorithm is called Zestimates.