LivingSocial Brings In $5 Million For Social Networking Apps

Posted Jul 21, 2008

LivingSocial is a company that makes popular social network applications.  Their applications are used highly on Facebook.  LivingSocial creates applications such as ReadingSocial, TuneSocial, ReelSocial, GamingSocial, DiningSocial, and BrewSocial. 

LivingSocial has just raised $5 million in Series A funding from Grotech Ventures and Steve Case.  Tim O?Shaughnessy, co-founder of LivingSocial is a former AOL employee and also worked with Steve Case on RevolutionHealth.

LivingSocial has about 6.4 million beta users who have reviewed about 80 million items.  Personally I use ReadingSocial the most to tell my friends what books I’ve read, books I want to read, and books that I am currently reading.  I also use this as a way to tell myself that I need to hurry up and finish reading a book because it’s been on my profile for so long already.  ReadingSocial/Visual Bookshelf is LivingSocial’s most popular application with about 36,984 daily active users.

What will LivingSocial do with this round of funding?  My guess is that they’ll hire additional talent and create additional applications.

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