LivingSocial Hits 20 Million Subscribers, Buys A Pre-Game Super Bowl Ad

Posted Feb 3, 2011

Groupon competitor LivingSocial has hit 20 million subscribers. The massive deal that they offered helped their subscriber count to shoot up. LivingSocial sold 1.16 million vouchers that day. There was about 185,000 Facebook postings about the deal and 100,000 were commented on. Sales were up 65% the Thursday after the deal.

About 5 million subscribers were added in the month of January alone. This is Groupon’s average number of subscribers added per month. LivingSocial has 1,000 employees and they are adding 6 per day. Groupon has about 2,000 employees.

LivingSocial also bought a pre-game Super Bowl ad. Yesterday it was revealed that Groupon bought an over-priced ad spot during the game. The LivingSocial ad features a man that goes “through a deal addiction” according to Mashable.