LockerDome Raises $6 Million

Posted Mar 4, 2013

LockerDome is a social media publishing company that connects sports fans with athletes, brands, teams, and other sports properties. The company has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Cultivation Capital Growth Fund (founded by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey). St. Louis Cardinals President William DeWitt III participated in this round along with Milwaukee Brewers exec Chris Pronger. LockerDome has raised a total of $8 million.

LockerDome is a way for athletes to create their own profile and upload media in a way that is similar to LinkedIn.  Around 1,500 networks have been created.  The company relaunched and redesigned in January.  They have seen a 14% growth rate since then.  LockerDome passed 10 million monthly unique visitors for the first time recently.  They grew by more than 5 million uniques in the past two months.

LockerDome is working with athletes like Troy Polamalu, Maurice Jones-Drew, Antonio Brown, Felix Hernandez, Wade Boggs, Blake Griffin, Rudy Gay, and Stephen Curry.  LockerDome has a deal in place with USA Today.  USA Today sells ads on LockerDome and the company will get traffic from USA Today as a result.

?We want to help brands identify the barriers preventing them from getting their TV viewers online and figure out what?s preventing them from tweeting about that event live, while it?s happening,? stated the LockerDome CEO Gabe Lozano in an interview with TechCrunch. ?Our goal is to help brands turn one TV viewer into four via social media.?