Locket Is An Android App That Pays You To Look At Ads On Your Lock Screen

Posted Jul 19, 2013

If you are like me, you probably spend a lot of time using your smartphone.  Why not get paid to look at your phone?  Locket is an Android app [Google Play link] that takes over your lock screen and shows you ads.  Locket shares the revenue with you as the consumer to look at the advertisements though.  This is quite an unorthodox business model.

Locket users earn around a penny per advertisement they swipe to open from the lock screen.  Users are capped at about three cents per hour in earnings though.  The money is stored in a user’s Locket account.  Locket will cash you out through PayPal.  Locket is exploring the option of letting you cash out in the form of gift cards or donations in the future.

The one cent pay out may increase as larger corporations sign on to work with Locket.  Locket is currently in talks with several Fortune 500 companies.