LogEntries Raises $10 Million In Series A

Posted Oct 1, 2013

LogEntries is a Dublin-based startup that has raised $10 million in funding from Polaris Venture Partners, RRE Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and Floodgate Fund.  LogEntries is a big data company that allows users to analyze big data.  LogEntries co-founder and chief research officer Trevor Parsons and co-founder Viliam Holub came up with the idea for the company as post-graduate students at University College Dublin.

?We take data from software applications and we process it, analyze it, and present it in useable format. The primary use case is for a developer who is testing an application. We can help de-bug. Then when that system matures we can be used to monitor it,? stated Parsons in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.  “You average app generates 2-3 million events a day. But inside those events maybe less than a tenth of a percent may contain error codes that prevent your app from functioning properly.”

The funding will be used for sales and marketing.  Currently LogEntries has over 1,000 customers in over 100 countries.  Around 20 billion events are processed per day.  So far their marketing has been driven by word-of-mouth.  LogEntries previously raised $1 million in seed funding from Polaris Venture Partners, RRE Ventures, and Frontline Ventures.

Founded in 2010, LogEntries opened an office in Boston and they will move their headquarters to the U.S.  LogEntries will keep their engineering base in Dublin and research and development lab in Prague.