Logitech Announces Ultrathin Keyboard mini For iPad Mini

Posted Feb 5, 2013

iPad mini owners may be thrilled to hear that Logitech has created a product called the Ultrathin Keyboard mini.  The peripheral makes it easier to type when using the iPad mini and it is now up for pre-order at a price of $79.99.  The Ultrathin Keyboard mini has a QWERTY keyboard and other keys to control media and other functions of the tablet.

Some of the keys are specifically for copying and pasting.  The keyboard was designed to hold the iPad mini up at an angle to make it easier for typing.  There are magnets in the top edge of the keyboard to allow the iPad mini to securely attach.

The keyboard also has rubber around the edges to make sure that the keys are not scratched by the screen of the tablet.  The Ultrathin Keyboard mini is available in black, white, and red.  However the red version is only available in a certain number of countries.


[Source/Image Credit: SlashGear]