Logitech Buys TT Design Labs And Starts Selling iPhone Accessories

Posted Jun 7, 2013

Personal computer accessories company Logitech has acquired TT Design Labs as part of a plan to relaunch the company’s iPhone accessories to reach a wider audience.  This includes the TidyTilt Case ($35 iPhone 5 shell) and JustMount (a $25 wall mount for the TidyTilt).  The Logitech versions of the new TT Design Labs products are now available for pre-order has started.

TT Design Labs was started by Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorinia.  They started designing TidyTilt as part of a grad school project at The Institute of Design in Chicago.  In a product design course, the two were tasked with developing a solution to a common problem and launch the product on Kickstarter.

“We focused on solving the issue of tangled earbud cords that countless smartphone users regularly experience. By the end of the semester, we had launched TidyTilt on Kickstarter, where it went on to raise over 2000% of our funding goal,” said Tarnow.  “This marked the start of our user-centered design firm, where we?ve since released a follow-up version of TidyTilt for iPhone 5 ? a case, kickstand, magnetic mount, and earbud cord wrap ? as well as a compatible wall mount, called JustMount.”