Logitech Announces The TK820 Wireless All-In-One Keyboard

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Logitech has announced the TK820 wireless all-in-one keyboard.  The TK820 has everything you need to to control and navigate your computer in one device.  The keyboard has a built-in touchpad so that you can type, touch, and swipe in one.  The touch area is larger than a laptop touchpad so that you have more room to point, zoom, and swipe.  The TK820 supports up to 13 unique Windows 8 gestures.  Since the keyboard is wireless, you can keep your desk clutter-free.

?We created the Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820 to combine everything you need to control and navigate your computer in one sleek keyboard,? stated Logitech global vice president of brand development and portfolio for PC accessories Charlotte Johs. ?This keyboard offers an innovative way to navigate, letting you type, touch and swipe with a single device.?

The TK820 also has Logitech’s signature PerfectStroke key system, which means that every keystroke will be whisper quiet.  The TK820 has a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver, which uses 2.4GHz connectivity to give you the reliability of a cord with wireless convenience.

If you want to buy the TK820, it will be available in the U.S. and Europe later this month for a price of $99.99.