LOLapps Raises $3.5 Out Of $4.5 Million Series A

Posted Sep 4, 2008

LOLapps has raised $3.5 out of $4.5 million Series A led by Polaris Venture Partners. San Francisco, Calif.-based LOLapps creates social applications for social networks. Michael Hirschland of Polaris is joining the LOLapps Board through this round of funding.

?Trying to recruit while you?re in ?stealth mode? is like punching yourself in the balls,? stated LOLapps founder, Babak Nivi. Here are pictures of LOLapps office.

Kavin Stewart runs LOLapps, product manager of Offermatica and co-founder of MixerMixer. Annie Chang, Brian Hue, and Kamo Asatryan are also founders in LOLapps. Ariel Poler is the chairman of LOLapps.

Dan Primack of PEHub broke the news by reading through regulatory filings.