Losing LeBron Documentary Movie Receives Funding From Kickstarter

Posted Dec 22, 2010

This past July, LeBron James decided to join the Miami Heat and leave behind his hometown team. Now LeBron is one of the most hated men in Cleveland. Kickstarter, a website that helps projects receive funding through a crowdsourcing method, has helped fund a movie called Losing LeBron. Over 100 people have donated $10,000 to help make the film possible. The producers will give HD Flip cameras to dedicated fans in Cleveland to help gather footage for the movie.

Tom Scocca, a blogger for Slate and an anti-Miami Heat fan said that this isn’t the best way to criticize LeBron. I have to agree with Scocca on this one. I think LeBron made a stupid decision, but why bring more attention to him?

The entitled jerk athlete you rooted for went and acted like an entitled jerk. Shocking. You want to renounce LeBron and everything he stands for? Then stop acting like LeBron is the center of the universe.

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