LoudDoor Helps Clients Reach Ideal Customers Through Facebook Ads

Posted Aug 27, 2012

Recently I chatted with Jeff French, the co-founder of LoudDoor, a leading research and targeting platform company, to learn more about their company.  Mr. French has worked in the digital space for about 12 years as he has worked as the CEO of AdDrive for 8 years, NetBank for about a year, and PwC for about 2 years.  LoudDoor started in 2007 around the same time that Facebook’s Developer Graph launched.

As LoudDoor was developing at their early stages, they launched as a service that was different from the original idea.  Essentially the company realized that they were really good at analytics.  Using their platform, LoudDoor has been able to sample million of users to conduct research.

LoudDoor has asked Facebook users survey questions to help benefit the options offered by clients.  For example, if a Facebook user filled out a survey saying that they enjoy eating fast food and what restaurants they like, the company can find out what food that people like and inform their fast food clients what types of options to offer customers.  Let’s say that Arby’s was releasing a new type of sandwich, LoudDoor would have the ability to tell the fast food chain what the types of people will most likely order the sandwich along with demographics like where they are from, what TV shows they like, etc.

When talking to Mr. French about GM’s cancellation of the Facebook ads, I asked him if any of his clients have slowed down in their Facebook ad investment.  He said that the opposite has been happening.  For example, LoudDoor has a hospitality client that is investing half a million in Facebook and has been able to do over $5 million to book-out through the social network.

When I asked Mr. French if LoudDoor has considered working with clients on other platforms like Twitter or mobile advertising.  He said that LoudDoor focuses exclusively on Facebook because of how powerful the platform is.  Other social networks that have grown quickly like Pinterest and Instagram have simply piggy-backed from Facebook since a lot of their traffic and traction came from the Facebook News Feed.

He also predicted that Facebook ads will be everywhere within about 24 months.  For example, we are starting to see Facebook ads on Zynga games.

The services that LoudDoor offers include market segmentation analysis, research-driven benchmarks, and a client dashboard.