Louis CK Makes About $1 Million In 12 Days From Torrent Video

Posted Dec 23, 2011

Earlier this month comedian Louis C.K. released a torrent video of his “Live at the Beacon Theater” for the $5 DRM-free download. Either you can visit his website and pay $5 or you can pirate it yourself. Louis C.K. fans are showing their support by paying for it as there is now $1 million in his PayPal account. It only took about 12 days to hit that number. C.K. is paying $250,000 in costs for the website, $250,000 to his staff as a bonus, and $280,000 will be given to charities such as Kiva, Charity:Water, Green Chimneys, The Pablove Foundation, and The Fistula Foundation. [TechDirt]