Luc Longley Wins An eBay Auction That Gives Him Naming Rights For Shrimp Species

Posted Dec 6, 2009

Lucien James “Luc” Longley (pictured next to Michael Jordan) attended the University of New Mexico and is a retired Australian basketball player. He played for Perth (Australia), Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, and the New York Knicks. Longley won an eBay auction that gives him the naming rights to a type of shrimp that lives on the southwest coast of Australia.

Anna McCallum, a doctoral student at the University of Melbourne discovered the unknown shrimp while working on a research boat. Instead of naming the shrimp herself, she decided to have an auction on eBay. The proceeds from the auction would be donated to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Bob Rosenberry, a publisher of Shrimp News International bid up to $2,000. Then Luc Longley bid $2,900. ?It was a total surprise that a basketballer would be interested in this little deep-sea shrimp,? said McCallum in an interview with The Scientist.

Longley chose the named the shrimp Lebbeus clarehanna after his daughter Clare Hanna Longley. Luc previously worked on marine conservation efforts. The eBay auction took place in March and the name of the shrimp appeared in the Zootaxa magazine recent issue.