Lucas Cruikshank Might Be Bigger Than LonelyGirl15

Posted Sep 22, 2008

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Internet celebrities tend to grace the covers of Wired magazine.  A couple years ago it was Jessica Rose (LonelyGirl15) and in August it was Julia Allison.  Without the Internet, nobody would know the faces of Jessica and Julia.  But using YouTube as a means to promote themselves, these two became instantly famous.  Now Lucas Cruikshank, a 15 year old in Nebraska, is taking YouTube by storm.

Lucas plays the character of “Fred,” a 6 year old that talks about his life with a high-pitched and an increased tempo voice speed.  Lucas has 500,000 subscribers and millions of views on his videos.  Several movie executives recruited Lucas to promote an upcoming movie called “City of Ember.” 

This Thursday Fred will be falling asleep and end up on the set of Ember.  Fred will be talking to different crew members and Tim Robbins, an actor in the movie. 

“Before I even come up with the idea for the episodes, I come up with 10 titles and then figure out where each video is going to go,” stated Lucas. “Doing this thing with the movie was a great way to have Fred think he’s really becoming a celebrity.”

While the staff of the LonelyGirl15 followed up with a couple of other web-based video dramas, I don’t believe that they were given the chance to promote Hollywood movies. [comment #1/#2]  Lucas may be on to something big.