Lucie Kim’s $4 Billion Lawsuit Against Miley Cyrus For Asian Picture Gets Thrown Out Of Court

Posted Nov 22, 2009

[Photo credit: TMZ]

Because of the picture above Lucie Kim decided to sue Miley Cyrus for $4 billion. The lawsuit was class-action and it was a high amount because she claimed that Cyrus was violating a statute that does not allow businesses to discriminate against minorities. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Hess threw out the case saying that the photo did not break any state laws.

Kim’s lawyer argued against the ruling by saying that Cyrus is a master marketer and she should have known that the photo deprived the Asian-American community of “courtest and respect.” Cyrus issued an apology in the same week that the photo was released. Cyrus and her friends said that they were not intentionally trying to discriminate against an entire race in an earlier filing.