Lyft has dropped ride-sharing prices during off-peak hours

Posted Mar 18, 2014

If you use ride-sharing services during major events or on holidays, you may notice that the price can be quite high. Lyft wants to change this by dropping prices during off-peak hours.

When you check the Lyft during off hours, you may be able to receive 10-50% off of your ride. This option is called ?Happy Hour pricing.? You will need to update the Lyft app to utilize the new pricing. This will encourage users to check the prices on Lyft before calling a cab. The slowest times for Lyft tend to be mid-afternoons and late nights.

This past November, Lyft increased prices during peak travel times and called it ?Prime Time Tips.? Lyft gives the additional money to the drivers and the company agreed to a price hike cap of 200%.

[Source: VentureBeat]