The Lytro Illum lets you change focus after taking the shot

Posted Apr 22, 2014

Sometimes you take an awesome photo, but realize later that it is out of focus. The Lytro Illum handles this issue by taking photos that you can focus and re-focus after you have taken the photos.

The Illum is a light-field camera and allows you to adjust focus, perspective, and depth of field in an image you have already taken.

This works by absorbing and recording all the information that comes through the lens and then creating pictures that can be altered later by tapping on the spot that you want to sharpen and focus on.

The new Illum is hitting the shelves in the U.S. this July and will cost $1,599. If you buy one before July 15th, around $100 will be knocked off of an engraved version of the camera.