Lytro’s Sensor Technology Revolutionizes Camera Focusing

Posted Jun 22, 2011

Camera start-up Lytro is developing a new type of sensor for digital cameras that makes focusing before shooting photos unnecessary. The sensor reads light fields, and the photos that result from it can be focused after they’re taken, once they’re opened in editing software. The ability to change focus from foreground to background with a single click will be available in a camera Lytro will make themselves, which All Things D reports will be available for a reasonable price.

Lytro has raised about $50 million in funding to develop their sensors and cameras, and hope to have a point-and-shoot available later this year. The company hopes to bring the camera industry back to consumers, who reportedly are abandoning point-and-shoot cameras in favor of smartphones. The technology in Lytro’s sensors provides easy shooting in low-light conditions and 3D capabilities in addition to the focus adjustment.

Lytro was founded by Ren Ng and is based in Mountain View. Sample photos are available in Lytro’s Photo Gallery, where you can test the focusing technology yourself.