OS X Mountain Lion Now Accounts For 32% Of Apple Web Traffic

Posted Jan 6, 2013

Apple launched the Mountain Lion operating system on July 26th.  The operating system exceed 3 million downloads in 4 days.  By September, the operating system hit 7 million downloads.  Now Mountain Lion accounts for 32% of all Apple’s web traffic as measured by Net Applications.  Net Applications tracks operating system marketshare and web metrics.

This is the first time that Mountain Lion accounts for a majority share of web traffic on Apple computers.  Lion’s marketshare dropped down to 28%.

In November, Mountain Lion had 29% of web traffic and Lion had 30%.  Snow Leopard had steady web traffic.  Most of the users upgrading to Mountain Lion are coming from Lion.  This makes sense because Mountain Lion requires that Lion is already installed in order to upgrade.

[Source: TechCrunch]