Mac OS X Mavericks Is Free!

Posted Oct 22, 2013

Apple announced that their tenth operating system (Mac OS X), known as Mac OS X Mavericks is available for free!  This is the first time that Apple has ever made an entire operating system free.  The update will be free later today. Below are some of the greatest features in Mac OS X Mavericks

Battery Life: By installing Mavericks on your laptop, you will get up to an hour of battery life for web browsing and an hour and a half longer of battery life when watching content on iTunes.
Notifications: Mavericks has website notifications.  You can receive notifications about your favorite sports teams and it has enhanced notifications for iMessages without having to exit the app that you are currently using.
Safari: Apple Safari has been enhanced in Apple OS X Mavericks to support shared links and accelerated scrolling.
Dock: People that are using two displays can access the Dock on whichever screen you are working on.
Directions: Now you can send directions directly to iOS from OS X Mavericks.
Keychain: iCloud keychain lets you store website user names and passwords on approved devices. 
6GB in 4GB RAM:  Apple found a way to support 6GB of data in only 4GB of RAM so that you can run more applications without sacrificing speed.
Finder Tabs: Apple Finder so that you don’t have to open a bunch of windows to navigate around your files
iBooks: OS X Mavericks has iBooks integration so that you can add the books that you have purchased to your laptop or desktop.