Turns 10 Years Old, Congrats To Arnold Kim

Posted Feb 24, 2010

Arnold Kim launched an independent blog on February 24, 2000 called  Kim launched it in his fourth year of medical school.  Eventually Kim quit his job as a doctor to focus on his blog full-time.  Today MacRumors receives 7 million unique visitors per month and receives some of the highest traffic out of all the Apple Inc. centered blogs.  MacRumors aggregates rumors from around the web and from message boards regarding upcoming Apple products and services.  

When Apple accidentally published details about a Power Mac G5 five years ago, Kim quickly grabbed that information and published it.  Apple’s legal team had to contact Kim to remove the information, but the news had already gotten around and MacRumors’ traffic has been steadily increasing ever since.  MacRumors is now 10 years old and we congratulate Kim on all of his success. [Wired]