Macworld: This Year’s May Not Be As Exciting As 2007

Posted Jan 12, 2008

Steve Jobs may not have as many flashy products to introduce at this year’s Macworld Conference & Expo on Tuesday.  Last year, Jobs introduced the iPhone and the Apple TV. 

Consumers everywhere were thrilled to know that they would not have to carry around a cellphone and an iPod, but that the iPhone could act as both for them.  Since last year, Apple’s stock price doubled and their market valuation skyrocketed. 

Based on Jobs’ previous interviews, the company is highly interested in promoting the Apple TV as the next big thing. 

This year’s announcements aren’t likely to dazzle like last year’s. Jobs is expected to take the wraps off a movie rental service, show off an ultra-portable laptop and maybe give the iPhone a faster connection to the Net.

-May Wong, Associated Press Technology Writer

Apple is expected to reach 10 million in sales by 2008’s end.  At this year’s Macworld, Jobs may announce Apple’s movie rental services, a thin-sized laptop, and an increase in speed of the iPhone’s Internet connection.  Last year Apple sold 2.16 million Macs which is a 34% increase.  Another potential announcement may be tablet Macs and further content offerings via iTunes.