The Magellan SmartGPS Syncs With Your Phone and Grabs Data From Foursquare/Yelp

Posted Jan 21, 2013

The Magellan SmartGPS is not your ordinary GPS that simply just talks to you.  The SmartGPS integrates social, local, and mobile content from Yelp and Foursquare.  You can sync navigation data like favorite places and contacts with your PC and smartphone.  The SmartGPS communications with Magellan’s Smart Ecosystem, which is a cloud platform with an extensive database containing up-to-date and location-relevant social media data along with navigation content.  SmartGPS consumers will be able to see maps and see reviews and offers from Yelp and Foursquare for restaurants, stores, and services near-by.  The SmartGPS displays “squares” that graphically flip between service establishments as you drive.  When you tap on the square, you will see detailed information about the venue.

“Magellan pioneered the GPS navigation industry, and in today’s socially-driven world, we recognize that consumers want and need a much more comprehensive navigation solution that surpasses what traditional GPS devices and smartphones can offer,” stated Peggy Fong, the President of MiTAC Digital Corporation. “We engineered our cloud-based Smart Ecosystem and SmartGPS device from the ground up to deliver an innovative SoLoMo experience to consumers who desire discovery, relevance and local awareness combined with navigation. Additionally, the Smart Ecosystem is architected to integrate with automotive infotainment and mobile network service platforms.”

You can set up an account using the Magellan Content Manager.  The SmartGPS device can be connected with a micro USB cable.  When the SmartGPS connects to a WiFi device, it will automatically sync and pre-load data.  A Bluetooth connection will connect the SmartGPS to the user’s smartphone everytime they are in the vehicle for “always-on” connectivity.  Users can also place hands-free calls from the SmartGPS when the device is paired to a phone using Bluetooth.

The SmartGPS has a 5-inch WVGA LCD display with a glass capacitive touch screen supporting multi-touch.  SmartGPS uses a Texas Instruments Cortex A8 1GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and detailed navigation maps.  The SmartGPS has a microUSB connector that can be connected to a personal computer or power source.  A microSD card slot can be used for storing additional maps.  SmartGPS is compatible with Magellan’s award-winning Wireless Back-up Camera ($149.99).  When the vehicle is being reversed, it can switch from navigation mode to become a rear-view monitor to see what is behind the vehicle.  The SmartGPS is expected to arrive in Spring 2013 at a price of $249.