Magician Stuart Edge Turns $1 Into $100 For Homeless People [Video]

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Stuart Edge is a popular magician and YouTube star that is known for doing good in the world.  Edge went around Provo, Utah and Orem, Utah to find people that were down on their luck.  Then he took $1,000 out of his own savings to make a difference for 10 people by giving them $100 each.

Edge did not just hand the $100 to people.  He performed a trick where he switched a $100 bill from his closed fist with a $1 bill in another person’s closed fist.  Edge made sure that the people he gave money to used the money in a good way.  Edge drove around for six hours to find the people.  He did not want to go to a mall or college campus to find people.

“I could have done the video anywhere and used anybody. But I wanted to make sure if I was giving money away, that it was actually being given to people who could use the money,” stated Edge.

Check out the video below: