Maglev Superhighway Concept In Michigan Is Amazing

Posted Mar 22, 2009

Earlier this week I stumbled upon an interesting article on Wired.  It was about how lawmakers in Michigan are considering to build a maglev rail line between Detroit and Lansing.  The rail line would use special built cars, buses, and trucks.  The project would be completely funded by private companies.  The problem is that even talking about this initiative has sparked some controversy.

The hydrogen-powered rail line would use Stainless steel tracks and would run along I-96 that connects Detroit and Lansing.  The speed would be about 200MPH.

Interstate Traveler Company LLC is the company behind the Superhighway system.  Not only will this highway move people across the two cities at a fast pace, but it will also save energy, water, security, communication, fuel, etc.  The costs are approximately $15 million per mile, but private investors are willing to put up the full $2 billion into the Detroit-Lansing line.

“This innovative rail system has tremendous potential for Michigan residents, and could be a major catalyst to strengthen our economy and create jobs,” stated Representative Bill Rogers.  “Just as Michigan was the birthplace of the world’s first mile of concrete roadway, our state could usher in a new era of transportation with just as much impact as the automobile.” Rogers is leading the task force behind this project.

Here are some other ambitious numbers.  Interstate Traveler believes that if the superhighway was implemented between 54,000 miles of the Eisenhower Interstate System, it would require 750 million tons of American made steel.  About 2.1 million livable wage jobs would be created for staffing the traveler stations.  It would also generate a carbon offset value of $650 million.

The Detroit-Lansing line could start as early as mid-2010.

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