Mahalo Offering To Share Revenue For Content Pages

Posted Jun 3, 2009

Jason Calacanis’ human-powered search engine Mahalo is growing at a pretty good pace, but not fast enough.  So far there are about 100,000 topic pages created by workers contributing content for free.  Many of Mahalo’s pages have a high Google PageRank.

Mahalo already has currency called “Mahalo Dollars.”  Mahalo Dollars can be traded in for an exchange rate of 75 cents to the dollar or can be used to buy and sell other Mahalo pages.  Mahalo Answers reached about one million users last month.  These users can create their own topic pages and manage them.  There can be only one editor per page and Mahalo would split the Google AdSense revenue: 50-50.  Not a bad deal considering how much traffic Mahalo receives.  The Mahalo topic pages are first come, first serve.

Calacanis believes in Mahalo so much that he even offered Twitter $250,000 to be a suggested user to follow.

[via TechCrunch]