Mahalo Transforming Into An Online Education Hub

Posted Jan 27, 2011 is completely transforming their website from a search engine into an educational hub. Based in Santa Monica, California will have educational and instruction videos.

“To get people to switch from Google, you have to offer something twice as better,” stated Mahalo CEO and founder Jason Calacanis. “But the truth is, the world doesn’t actually need better-quality search. I think we’ve got good enough search. The world needs more quality videos and content and teachers.”

Mahalo started off as a human powered search engine, but then they turned into a Q&A website last year. Now the company is focusing purely on education. The company has been ramping up their staff in the past year too. The company went from 40 employees to 104 in the last 6 months. A lot of the new employees are videographers for producing short educational videos.