Mailjet Raises $3.3 Million

Posted Nov 30, 2012

Mailjet is a cloud e-mailing service that has raised $3.3 million in funding from Alven Capital and several private investors.  Mailjet previously raised $300,000 in seed funding from e-Founders.  Mailjet allows businesses to rent or buy SMTP services through a cloud-hosted solution.

The e-mails are sent out through links that can be tracked and with transparent images that help customers find out how many times the e-mail was displayed.  This comes in handy for a/b testing within e-mail marketing.  Mailjet even supports mobile e-mail tracking.

?Our team is focusing on the user experience. It?s our passion: to provide a simple and intuitive interface. We couple this with a powerful and flexible API, for both developers and large accounts,? stated Mailjet CEO Julien Tartarin.

Mailjet is based in France and they recently opened offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, and Madrid.  The company has a customer base of around 10,000.  This is up from 3,000 in December 2011.