Majed Moughni Suing Facebook For Losing Congress Run In Michigan

Posted Mar 7, 2011

Majed Moughni is a Republican that lives in Dearborn, Michigan. He tried to run for Congress last year, but lost in a primary where he would have faced U.S. Rep. John Dingell if he had won. Moughni won fourth place in the Republic primary this past August in the 15th District. Moughni believes that Facebook is to blame for his loss, so he filed a 10-page class-action lawsuit at the Wayne County Circuit Court against the social network.

“In an attempt to overthrow the Dingell Dynasty, (I) devised a plan to use Facebook to accumulate thousands of friends, who in turn would spread the message and overseat the longest-serving member of Congress,” the lawsuit stated. Moughni’s account was blocked by Facebook on June 10th.

Around the time that Moughni’s account was blocked, he criticized Dingell for using Facebook to question a referee that made a bad call preventing Detroit Tiger player Armando Galarraga from getting a perfect game.

“I had no chance without Facebook,” stated Moughni. “They disorganized us in the middle of our campaign and we lost. Facebook took us off the market. They took us off the face of the earth.”

The lawsuit claims right violations by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. They halted a “high rate of friend requests.” Moughni had around 1,600 Facebook friends and was adding 20-100 per day when he got banned.

He doesn’t want money from Facebook. Instead he wants an injunction preventing Facebook from halting accounts from closing for adding a higher number of friends. Moughni is also suing Dingell for $25,000 because he is claiming that the congressman stole his slogan “Make It In America.”

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said that Moughni’s account was blocked by a system that flags suspicious behavior. The system warns a user when they are nearing the thresholds to have their account disabled. The warnings appear as a pop-up which must be clicked through to prevent spammers and fake users from harassing users.

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