Man On Vacation Charged $62,000 For Downloading Wall-E Over Wireless Network

Posted Apr 26, 2009

Alberto received a $62,000 bill from his mobile carrier for using his data card in Mexico to download Wall-E. He was able to get the charge reduced to $17,000 by contacting the unnamed mobile provider.

Alberto made the mistake of not signing up for a roaming plan with his carrier. All major mobile providers offer international roaming plans. AT&T for example offers a number of roaming solutions to help travelers save money. $5.99 a month gets you their AT&T World Traveler package. The World Traveler package reduces your voice roaming rates in over 85 countries. However, the company’s roaming data plans are a lot more expensive. Their 200 MB Data Global Add-On plan costs a hefty $199/month.

Via Ars Technica