Mango Languages is a fast-growing online language learning course company

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Mango Languages is an online language learning company that is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The company was founded by Jason Teshuba, Mike Teshuba, Ryan Whalen, and Mike Goulas.  Prior to launching Mango, Jason was selling language software and was designing websites with his brother. Today the company is generating millions of dollars in sales and has many employees worldwide.

The ideas behind starting Mango Languages

Jason told me that one of the ways that he and the co-founders came up with the idea was when he was putting a bid to design a project for a major toilet seat manufacturer. There were around 10 bids for the project, which gave them a 10% chance to win it. When they found out the manufacturer was Italian, Jason started to learn the Italian language to increase their odds. Jason knew he wanted to take his passion for technology and interest in learning a new language and mesh them together.

This is when he and his brother Mike decided to set up a side business selling language education products. This ended up being successful so they started Mango Languages in 2007. Mango Languages exists in the form of learning courses through the website along with mobile apps. There are over 60 languages that are taught through their software.

Mango Premiere

Mango Languages’ newest product is called “Mango Premiere.”

“Mango Premiere engages users from the very start. There is a movie mode that lets users watch movies from beginning to end with subtitles. Mango Premiere also breaks down the movie part-by-part to turn the movie into a learning experience,” said Jason in an interview.

Mango Premiere gives users words to watch for and culture notes. There is also color coding and phonetic popups. Best of all, there is a dashboard that tracks your exposure for vocabulary. You can play scenes over-and-over until you get it right.

Jason told me that there are different packages for different languages, which are known as journeys. There are almost 500 lessons for every journey.

When hovering over the word, Mango Languages shows the pronunciation with a clickable action to hear the word. There is a way to record your voice at the same speed as a native speaker so that it sounds more natural. Then you can play your voice and the native speaker side-by-side as a comparison.

Mango Languages is used in many schools and libraries as a learning resource. Their software is also used by K-12 schools, universities and government agencies.

I went through a demo of their software and highly recommend using them if you want to learn a new language.