Samsung-Apple Juror Says Samsung’s Internal E-Mails Was Key Evidence

Posted Aug 26, 2012

After Apple won the patent lawsuit earlier this week, Samsung was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages.  Manuel Ilagan, one of the nine jurors in the case, did an interview where he revealed some of the details that led to why Samsung was proven guilty.

Ilagan said that even after the first day of the trial, the nine jurors had already determined that Samsung had copied Apple.  Illagan said that the most key piece of evidence was internal Samsung e-mails that executives sent to each other pointing out features on the iPhone that they wanted to integrate into their own products.

?I thought they were dodging the questions. They didn?t answer one of them. They didn?t help their cause,? said Ilagan in an interview with CNET.  Ilagan has a mechanical engineering degree and worked as a systems engineer for Western Electronics as well as an applications engineer at Stanford Telecom.  ?I was vocal about the technical [issues], about the power controls because I know that stuff,? Ilagan said. ?I work on that.?