Marc Andreessen Possibly to Join Facebook Board of Directors

Posted May 6, 2008

Facebook is a student that values the teachings of web veterans whether it is by allowing investments from Microsoft, hiring open-source experts slash Firefox founders, poaching executives from Google, or getting advice from the founder of the original web browser. Given Facebook is a young company and has grown exponentially in terms of finance and talent, the company could use all the guidance it can get from the experts.

Google was no different when they first started. Google valued Eric Schmidt’s experience at Sun Microsystems enough to appoint him as CEO. Facebook is the new Google.

Facebook poached former Googlers, Gideon Yu (a former YouTuber), Sheryl Sandberg, Eliot Schrage, and even took the Google chef, Josef Desimone.

To gain a better understanding of the power of open source, Facebook acquired Parakey in July 2007. Parakey was started by Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, two of Firefox’s main contributors. Firefox is a web browser gaining market-share quickly and was created with the help of open source developers.

And in today’s news, Facebook is pursuing the recruitment of Marc Andreessen as an advisor. Marc Andreessen co-founded Netscape, the world’s original mainstream web browser. By having all of these individuals contributing ideas to Facebook, there’s no telling where the $15 billion social network will head next.

According to Kara Swisher, Marc Andreessen has verbally accepted the offer.