Microsoft’s First Salaried Employee Marc Mcdonald Joins PaperG Ad Startup

Posted Nov 21, 2013

Marc McDonald was the first employee at Microsoft to receive a salary.  He was hired by Microsoft in 1976 and he left in 1984 when the company became “too big.”


McDonald has now joined an advertising technology startup called PaperG. PaperG’s ad platform lets businesses automate online ad campaigns in seconds rather than having to hire an ad agency or designer.  PaperG’s pulls in visual assets from the web and creates the ad automatically.

McDonald found his way back to Microsoft when the company acquired Design Intelligence in 2000.  McDonald was working at Design Intelligence at the time, which was a company that worked on adaptive layout technology.

When McDonald was brought back to Microsoft, the HR department tried to give him employee number “1,” but the system did not allow them to do that.  So he decided to wear an employee badge with all the digits scratched off except #1.

PaperG has 56 employees in San Francisco and Seattle, more than double from the beginning of the year.  The company opened an office in Seattle to recruit talent that left Microsoft’s advertising technology division.

PaperG has plans to expand into offering native ad formats for Yahoo!, Facebook, and Twitter on top of the standard desktop and mobile formats that they already make.  PaperG has raised $2.7 million in VC funding so far and they are generating 8-figures in annual revenues.

[Source: BI]