Marcelo Tas Hired By Telefónica SA To Tweet About Their Services

Posted Mar 19, 2009

Marcelo Tas is known as being a “tropical version of Jon Stewart.”  He is a Brazilian TV host and recently became popular on Twitter.  Telefónica SA approached him about Twitter and agreed to pay him if he mentions the service on his Twitter messages (tweets).

Being paid to express an opinion is usually frowned upon in the tech community so we’ll see how well this goes over.  Telefónica SA isn’t the only company paying people to tweet about their services.  Walt Disney is also striking deals with Twitter users that are widely followed.

Twitter has become such a mass medium. Obama used the service to spread his political agenda before becoming President.  A few basketball players are using it to talk about how they felt about their last game.  Twitter was also used during the terrorist attack in Mumbai and the Hudson river airplane crash.

Some companies such as JetBlue, Comcast, and AOL use Twitter for their customer service.  If anyone says something negative or positive about any of those companies, a representative from that company will respond on Twitter.

To avoid overpromoting Telefónica, Tas will limit his tweets regarding the service to about 20 tweets per month.

[via WSJ]