March 21, 2010: Health Care Reform Bill Passes House [16 Homepages Compared]

Posted Mar 22, 2010

In the evening of March 21, 2010 – history was made.  The health care bill was passed by the House of Representatives with a vote of 219-212.  All of the 178 Republicans voted against it along with 34 Democrats.  The bill passed the Senate this past December.  The next step is that the bill will be passed to Obama to sign into law.  Below are homepage screenshots of 16 major political websites as of right now (clicking the image enlarges them). It is interesting to see the reactions:

1. The Huffington Post

2. CNN

3. Drudge Report

4. FOX News

5. The Atlantic

6. Michelle Malkin

7. Michael Moore

8. Politico

9. The Washington Post

10. Memeorandum


12. Talking Points Memo

13. Wonkette



16. Green Party