Maria Sharapova Now Endorsing The Sony Ericsson T707

Posted Mar 28, 2009

Sony Ericcson has announced the T707 phone with tennis star Maria Sharapova as their spokeswoman. Sharapova and her dog also endorses Canon’s line of cameras as seen in the TV commercials. The T707 is interesting because calls can be ended by simply waving your hand over the screen.

The T707 has a 3.2 megapixel camera and it has a built-in HTML web browser. The T707 screen is 2.2 inches and FM radio streaming and Bluetooth. There are day and night changing themes, gestures for muting calls, alarm clock, and pulsating notifications.

The built-in camera is ideal for picture and video blogging. Ringtones can be set by adding MP3s to the phone. There is a YouTube application built into the operating system too. Photos can be geo-tagged and the GPS is controlled by Google Maps.

Sharapova has joined Sony at a time when the U.S. head of the company stepped down.

[via Engadget/Sony PR]