Marissa Mayer Outlines Company Strategy At Yahoo!

Posted Sep 26, 2012

It is Marissa Mayer’s second month at Yahoo! and she just had an all-hands meeting with employees to announce her plans to turnaround the company.  Yahoo! is emphasizing on personalization and mobile.

Mayer said that she is going to bring in people that can build great apps through acquisition-hires.  Does this mean that there isn’t enough mobile talent internally?

Mayer also emphasized on hiring more talent into the company and giving that talent resources.  Mayer wants to make things happen faster at Yahoo!, but she did not specifically refer to any product.

“Yahoo, as a company, excels at personalization across content and ads,” said Mayer.  Mayer said that she plans to emphasize user growth, ad sales, improving on ad tools, and attracting better talent.

Below is the guiding strategy that Mayer had outlined:

  • The goal is to become something users touch every day.
  • Yahoo will focus more. To paraphrase: “Do more of what we’re good at and less of what we’re not.”
  • Yahoo will be partner friendly.
  • Yahoo will be strong in mobile by 2015.
  • Projects will only be green-lit if they can scale to 100 million users or $100 million in revenue.
  • Yahoo will move faster, giving employees more deadlines, ownership, resources, and tools.

Mayer also said that talent will focus on “The Four Cs.”  The Four Cs are: Culture, Company goals, Calibration, and Compensation.