Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Could Make As High As $141 Million From The Job

Posted Jul 20, 2012

Marissa Mayer is the former executive at Google who is now serving as the CEO of Yahoo!  Yahoo! has just released a statement revealing what her total compensation package will be.  Her base salary will be $1 million and that can be tripled with a $2 million bonus based on stretch targets.

If Mayer stays on-board for 5 years, she could make around $25 million in base salary and bonus.  This November, she will be given about $12 million worth of stock in grants and options, which will be vested over 3 years.  The board expects to award her with at least $12 million in stock grants per year based on the company’s performance, which could be $60 million or more.

Yahoo! will be giving Mayer $14 million worth of stock to “partially compensate” her salary and bonuses from the previous employer.  Mayer will also be given a one-time $30 million stock grant, which will vest over 3 years.  In total, this adds up to about $141 million.  Her net worth is already $300 million.